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  • We treat depression and anxiety and provide marriage and adolescent counseling in Crystal Lake, Il. Telephone consultations are provided nationally.
  • Psychological counseling helps you to become aware of insidious emotions so you can eliminate their destructive influence and dramatically enhance your coping skills.
  • Auto accidents and work injuries cause overwhelming stress, depression and family strife. Psychotherapy returns quality of life to worn-down victims.
  • Phone Counseling is extraordinarily convenient and private and provides the benefit of expert counseling without having to go into an office.
  • New Patients: Pease register by providing the billing information requested here. Our office is in Cary, near Crystal Lake, Illinois.
  • Map to get to the ACRS mental health counseling office in Cary, IL . The address is 114 Cary St, Cary, IL. Encompasses northern Kane County and southern McHenry County, IL
  • This is a northern IL directory of counselors, psychologists and mental health professionals located in, or near Barrington, Crystal Lake, McHenry, Cary, Woodstock, Fox River Grove, Wauconda, Elgin, Arlington Heights and Algonquin, Illinois.
  • This is a directory of professionals located in northern Illinois, in and around Barrington, Crystal Lake, McHenry, Cary, Woodstock, Fox River Grove, Wauconda, Elgin, Arlington Heights and Algonquin who treat alcohol and substance abuse problems.
  • This is a valuable library of the latest articles about mental health counseling, psychiatry and marriage and relationship problems. This valuable info also explains how to find excellent counseling and mental health services in Cary, McHenry, Algonquin and the Crystal Lake, IL area.
  • This is a valuable library of the latest articles about DUI, substance abuse, domestic violence and court-ordered evaluations and counseling. This valuable info also explains how to find excellent DUI, substance abuse, domestic violence and other court-ordered evaluation and counseling services in Cary, McHenry, Algonquin and the Crystal Lake, IL area.
  • Do you live near Cary, Algonquin, Crystal Lake, McHenry or Schaumburg, IL? Are you seeking weight loss surgery? As part of an evaluation for your gastric bypass or lap band surgery, you will be required to meet with a psychologist to be sure you can cope with the consequences of the procedure. Don’t be surprised! Read these revealing articles to discover what takes place during your psychological evaluation so you can qualify for the surgery.
  • A fantastic library of articles providing solutions and explanations for all types of marriage and relationship problems.
  • This article explains no-nonsense ways to create an atmosphere that helps a spouse to re-gain the trust she lost after her spouse has had an affair.
  • As a psychologist and counselor in the Woodstock-Cary-Algonquin-Crystal Lake and Lake in the Hills area of Illinois, I find that there are 21 essentials you can expect when receiving counseling for your blended family's problems. Take note!
  • There are 11 signs that indicate you or your family members should get counseling while going through a divorce or separation. Discover them now-before its too late!
  • These articles deliver no-nonsense and proven approaches to eliminate your depression and anxiety
  • The subject of suicide inspires immediate horror in people. It is so charged with universal dread and burning emotion that people almost always avoid talking about it. This life-saving article breaks this taboo and lists the warning signs of suicide everyone should know in order to save a life.
  • As a psychologist and counselor practicing in the Cary-Algonquin-Crystal Lake area of Illinois, I find that there are 21 essentials you can expect when you are treated for anxiety here. Here is the list.
  • There can be up to 22 warning signs that indicate you need counseling or therapy when experiencing PTSD. After counseling you should be able to recall the traumatic event without being overwhelmed by painful emotions and start to function normally.
  • There can be up to 22 warning signs that indicate you need counseling or therapy to help heal the pain of childhood trauma. Upon completion of counseling you should be able to remember instances of childhood abuse without being overwhelmed by anxiety and start to function normally in everyday life.
  • Next to Depression, one of the most common disorders affecting people in Cary and Mchenry, Illinois, is anxiety. It can manifest as generalized anxiety, anxiety attacks, social anxiety or agoraphobia. This disorder can be mild or so totally disabling that you become confined to home. So, do not waste time. Consult a therapist who practices CBT-Cognitive-Behavior Therapy. Read this article NOW!
  • Looking for an expert mental health, relationship or substance abuse psychologist or counselor? If you live in the Cary, Algonquin, Dundee, Lake Zurich or Huntley, IL areas, these articles reveal how to find the perfect one for you!
  • Are you or a member of your family suffering from angry outbursts or symptoms of adhd? If so, these articles are a "must-read!'
  • Do you explode at the slightest provocation? Do people avoid you? If so, you will be delighted to know that you can effectively control your anger by practicing the 5 easy to follow methods contained in this revealing article.
  • Are you or your husband, wife or kid having problems because of raging alcohol or drug problems? Then read these revealing articles now! If you live in the Cary, Algonquin, McHenry or Crystal Lake, IL area, treatment is available today! Keep reading to find out exactly how to get it!
  • Adopting a child or becoming a birthing surrogate requires that you first undergo a psychological evaluation. The agency or contracting prospective parents will want to be sure that you are emotionally capable of fulling your required responsibilities. This article explains exactly how to do get the evaluations and testing you need if you live in the Cary, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin or Barrington, IL area!
  • Do you live in the Cary, Algonquin or Barrington, IL area? Have you been victimized by a motor vehicle accident or job injury.This is a must-read list of articles for those who are suffering from depression, stress or ptsd caused by an auto accident or job injury.
  • Cutting-edge articles about personality disorders, sexuality and more are contained in this fascinating grab-bag of miscellaneous psychological information.
  • This piece contains frequently answered questions about homosexuality, sexual orientation and mental health.
  • The mind-body model stresses that physical health, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impact each other, often leading to stress-related illnesses.
  • With a managed health plan, accessing mental health services can be daunting. This article explains how to make the process quick and effortless.
  • This piece points out that psychologists are doctors that are needed when one is facing overwhelming painful emotions or serious illness
  • Mental health counseling embeds revised stories and metaphors that are compatible with a person's goals into the therapy session to foster change.
  • The narcissist perceives him/herself as "a cut above others" and is unable to empathize.
  • Psychotherapy effectively decreases patients' depression and anxiety and related symptoms- such as pain, fatigue and nausea.
  • Although, loss and suffering are inevitable, finding an overriding life purpose can help people survive them and foster an all-important resilience.
  • Psychological stress management programs help those diagnosed with serious illnesses, including cancer, heart and transplant patients.
  • Every parent wants the peace of mind in knowing which type of counselor is likely to eliminate his or her child's anxiety, depression or acting-out. This article contains all you will ever need to know about getting an expert counselor for your son or daughter!
  • Do you practice in the Schaunburg, Cary, Mchenry, IL area? These articles describe how psychological tests, evaluations and assessments can be used by lawyers to determine their clients'sanity, insanity, fitness for duty, fitness to stand trial, and assessment of their emotional damages. Do your due diligence and read them NOW!
  • Do you live in the Cary-Crystal Lake, IL area? Are you unable to work because of a psychiatric disorder? These articles describe everything you need to know about how to get disability income. Available nationwide;
  • Do you live in the Cary, Mchenry, or Huntley area? Do you need an IME, which is an independent psychological evaluation, or second opinion. It relies on personality and psychological tests, a thorough history and a current psychological evaluation. Read about it here!
  • Search for Therapists affiliated with your Insurance The following are links to insurance provider directories and info about the insurers themselves. They include: Blue Cross, Beech Street , HFN, Tricare, "Blue Cross" Humana, ValueOptions, ComPsych, First Health, Unicare, Cigna, Coventry, Personal Care, MHN, Humana, Tricare, Magellan, PHCS, MultiPlan, United Behavioral Health, United Health Care, Aetna, Allied
  • DocFind, the Aetna and Allied Behavioral Health online provider directory makes it easy to find a mental health professional covered by your Aetna policy.
  • Aetna Behavioral Health treats mental health conditions, such as depression, which impacts a person's everyday life and physical health.
  • A Beech Street preferred provider is a prescreened doctor, counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist that provides services at predetermined rates.
  • The Blue Cross Participating Provider Option (PPO) offers a provider directory plus mental health, psychiatric and substance abuse coverage.
  • Cigna provides behavioral care management, EAPs and work / life programs through the health plans of large employers, HMOs and disability insurers.
  • The Behavioral Health Directory lists mental health providers affiliated with Cigna. For outpatient visits with them, you don’t need pre-authorization.
  • All mental health professionals contracted by CIGNA Behavioral Health are licensed and offer treatment through their independent practices.
  • If you need a therapist contact CIGNA Behavioral Health. They will refer you to a professional who will isolate the problem and begin counseling.
  • CIGNA Behavioral Health will compare your therapist’s recommendations to established Practice Guidelines to determine what benefits may be available.
  • “First Health” and Coventry take calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its office can provide information about benefit coverage, claims or general health.
  • HFN offers an online provider directory and health care and mental health services to meet the individual’s needs and those of the business community.
  • Call HFN's customer service group at 800-295-5444 to have one of our staff help you find the psychologist, counselor or psychiatrist you need.
  • Humana’s provider directory is here; Humana offers health insurance, including mental health services to employers, government plans and individuals.
  • Humana values its mental health professionals and encourages consumers to view Humana’s Provider Directory when they need help.
  • MultiPlan is one of America's largest healthcare networks, used by health plans to ensure patients have access a wide choice of doctors and hospitals.
  • Private Health Care Systems is a care management provider for medical and mental health services. Its provider directory is here.
  • PHCS respects its members’ rights. This includes engaging in open discussions of treatment options and supplying regularly updated provider directories.
  • TRICARE is the Department of Defense's worldwide health care program for active duty and retired uniformed services members and their families.
  • Unicare provides an extensive array of qualified physicians, psychologists and other providers; all of whom are listed in the provider directory here.
  • Talk with your ValueOptions provider about the best options for your mental health treatment, regardless of the cost or benefit coverage
  • Magellan's provider directory is accessible here and lists the names of social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists who are part of the network.
  • This is the easiest and quickest way to find a psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor who accepts UnitedHealthcare
  • Mental Health News and Features Headlines that cover the latest mental health news, interventions and medications. Updated every 15 minutes.
  • Vew new, updated mental health headlines. They cover the latest mental health news, conditions, interventions, tests and medications.
  • Mental Health News and Features This page includes "hot-off-the-press" counseling article titles and their short descriptions. It also includes a link to several of the latest mental health news headlines and links to the latest topics to have appeared in the Counselling Resource discussion forum. The feed is updated regularly, every 15 minutes.
  • Discussion Forum Topics Feed discussion forum feed. Fascinating comments that look at life through the prism of psychology, philosophy, mental health and more. This feed provides links to the ten most recently active topics in the discussion and support forum, updated regularly every 15 minutes.

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Psychology and Counseling

Listed in the provider directories of:


Aetna Behavioral Health




Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO


United Health

United Behavioral Health

Cigna Behavioral Health

PPO Next

Private Health Care Systems (PHCS)



First Health




Beech Street



Union Local plans

School District plans


Preferred Mental Health Management (PMHM)

Mental Health Network (MHN)

Magellan Health





the Mental Health Provider Directory

the Provider Directory

Most Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

All Motor Vehicle Insurers (for auto accident trauma)

All Workers Comp Programs (for work injuries)

and many more...


Services for:

Panic Disorder

Post-Concussion Syndrome


Addiction Counseling

Adult ADHD Treatment

Anger Counseling Management

Anorexia Bulimia Treatment

Counseling Management Stress

Anorexia Nervosa Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Management

Stress Management

Anxiety Depression Treatment Center

Psychiatric Hospitalization

Suicide Prevention

Center for Psychotherapy

Center for Counseling Services

Child and Family Counseling

Counseling Marriage

Centegra Horizons

Horizons Behavioral Health

Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Treatment Center

Marital Counseling

Online Phone Counseling

Phone Counseling

Psychological Test

Teen Counseling


Psychiatric Medication

Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory


Social Security Disability

Workers Compensation

Victim of Malpractice

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New Patient Registration

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Intensive Outpatient Therapy

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Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder

Alcoholism Treatment

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