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Anxiety, Anger and Depression - Discover the Awesome Power of Self-Help Programs


Worry, trepidation and hyper vigilance are common symptoms of anxiety. Other signs include tension, over-thinking, heart palpitations, fluttering in the stomach, nervousness localized to the chest etc.

Are expensive professional treatments like counseling and medication the only solutions? Absolutely not! Remember, anxiety includes both stress-oriented physical signs and self-defeating cognitive, thought processes.

Thought process changes and the practicing of new healthy behaviors are the crucial keys to recovery. Expensive therapy and counseling are not the only answers; tested, scientifically constructed self-help programs can also produce transformational changes.

Remember, anxiety is a mechanism of fight or flight and was originally engineered to protect us from harm. It prepares us to fight danger i.e. the heart may palpitate, beat faster and blood pressure rises.

Since anxiety is preparing to fight a menace, our nervous system starts generating a flow of blood surging to the muscles, thus enabling one's body to escape or fight depending on necessity. Blood is diverted from your abdominal area to your musculo-skeletal section, causing a decrease in the functioning in your digestive system.

Again, anxiety has been engineered into us as a survival mechanism, intended to enhance our odds of survival.
If you are suffering from abnormal anxiety you probably have a built-in neurological tendency to worry or fear that a catastrophically harmful or dangerous event may occur based on a triggering situation.

That's why the thought pattern modification, anger reduction and anxiety reduction training taught in scientifically sound self-help treatments can help almost overnight. The thought pattern modification and stress-reduction training presented in these self-help treatments work on The Command Center-the VERY WAY you think!

Anxiety is heavily driven by two brain structures: The hippocampus and the amygdala. These structures activate when an irrational perception of a lurking threat or the irrational anticipation that something harmful or dangerous might happen manifest themselves.

These irrational perceptions and fearful apprehensions are triggered by your pathological thought patterns. It is these that are directly treated in state-of-the-art self-help treatments.

Anxiety and anger is triggered when the body and self feel threatened; these feeling-states are defense mechanisms. We are hard-wired with them for the purpose of protecting us from a universe of real or imagined dangers.

However, because of genetic errors or unfortunate types of genetic trait pooling, many of us develop abnormal, pathological forms of anxiety which are triggered even though there are no realistic dangers with which we have to contend. So, instead of protecting us from trouble, this anxiety actually causes it- and for no rational reason.

This is what is referred to as an anxiety disorder. Anxiety dysfunctions are divided into several types, including, specific phobias, generalized anxiety, panic and obsessive compulsive disorder. All of them are triggered or made worse by the subconscious and pathological thinking and obsessive imaginative patterns that are directly targeted by proven self-help treatments.

A phobia is a specific fear of a particular thing, person or situation. These include fear of snakes and public speaking. Phobic fears are irrational because the perceived or anticipated harm that is imagined is not likely to happen.

These phobic symptoms are fueled by an extensive catastrophic and irrational imagination that has gone awry. After all, the presenting fears resulting in anxiety disorders, though catastrophic, are not valid.

Even though they may not be valid, some people experience compelling and frightening panic attacks leading to problems breathing, feeling dizzy and even fearing that one is going insane. This is caused by one's subconscious and catastrophic way of imagining dreaded consequences.

In free floating anxiety, tension or foreboding taints most experiences in a person's daily life; there is no specific stimulus. On the other hand, obsessive-compulsive disorder is a very bizarre type of anxiety that gives sufferers the idea that something is really wrong with their mind.

In this condition, individuals have repetitive thoughts that point to some dangerous consequence if a certain behavior, like checking the lock on the car, is not done repetitively. Even though the imagined consequence, is irrational, sufferers need to compulsively repeat the 'ritual' to relieve their anxiety of the feared consequence.

Washing their hands repetitively for no rational reason is another ritual that some patients do. Whereas, psychotherapy, counseling and some medications can be helpful in reducing the intensity and frequency of the obsessions, they are expensive.

There are remarkable self-help programs available which are much less expensive and have the potential of producing amazing results in reducing your symptoms of anger, anxiety and agitation.

Dr Shery earned his doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of Southern California. He is a psychologist with 30 years experience and a leading author; he provides risk-free self-help programs that are guaranteed to eliminate anxiety, anger and agitation quickly and painlessly; if not satisfied,you get a refund. Learn more about these Proven Self-Help Treatments


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About The Author

Dr. Mike Shery is a licensed clinical psychologist and is affiliated with almost all health plans, including:  ValueOptions, Medicare, Cigna, Cigna Behavioral Health, United Health Care, Aetna-Allied, First Health, Healthstar, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, ComPsych, Magellan Health, HFN, Tricare, Humana, most union local plans, most school district plans, Unicare, ChoiceCare, CAPP, Multiplan, Mental Health Network, Managed Health Network, United Behavioral Health, PPONext, Private Health Care Systems, Humana-Military and Beech Street .

He has practiced clinical psychology for approximately 24 years and is board certified as a specialist in professional counseling by the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy. He is the director of Affiliated Counseling and Referral Services and is a member of the American Counseling Association.

The office is located in Cary, IL and in select cases phone consultations are available for those who don’t live locally> Telephone Counseling.

To make an appointment> New Patient Registrationor to learn more about the psychological services he providescall him at 1-847-275-8236 (24 Hrs).

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